heating installation service Anaheim, CA

As compared to most conventional heating and cooling systems, heat pumps are very efficient on energy. This is partly the reason why an increasing number of homeowners seeking our professional heating installation service Anaheim, CA area in recent past wanted to have these units installed in their homes. Ever wondered why these heating and cooling systems are so efficient on energy? Well, at Specialty Air Inc., we have had to answer this question multiple times as we help our clients make the best HVAC system choices for their homes.

Since 1983, we have installed, maintained and repaired heating and cooling systems for thousands of our clients in Anaheim and its surroundings, all of whom are satisfied with our services. As such, we have acquired a lot of experience on the various HVAC systems. Of all the available heating and cooling options today, heat pumps are some of the most efficient, high-performance HVAC replacement options that will deliver quality air to your living space. If you have been wondering about how these units achieve high energy efficiency ratings, here are some of the ways.

An Efficient Mechanism

To understand why Heat Pumps are so efficient, you need to understand how they work in the first place. In their functioning, these units draw heat from outside the house and then distribute it to the various parts of your home you may be wondering how this is possible with the low outdoor temperature. The heating effect achieved by these systems is made possible by a refrigerant. As the outdoor air passes through the heat pump, the heat available in the air is drawn and used to warm a liquefied gas. This produces a vapor that is pushed to a compressor unit. This vapor is then blown to the various rooms in your home to warm your living space.

heating installation service Anaheim, CA

Heat Pumps Move Heat Rather Than Generating It

As opposed to the functioning of electricity and oil heating and cooling systems, heat pumps do not generate heat energy. Instead, they just transfer the heat from outdoor air to your living space in a more efficient manner. In this regard, the system only needs energy to circulate refrigerant and rotate the fans that blow warm air into your home. This means that heat pumps require less energy to heat your home as compared to other heating and cooling systems. It is for this reason that we have been advising our Anaheim clients to consider installing heat pumps whenever they enquire about our heating installation service Anaheim, CA area.

Any knowledgeable HVAC installation, repair and maintenance specialist today will tell you that the positioning as well as the size of your heat pump can affect its performance and efficiency. For this reason, you should only have such units installed by reputable, certified and duly trained specialists, such as the ones we have at Specialty Air Inc.

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