Red birds singing in the air, chilly winds blustering through a backyard tree and the possibility of snow approaching, winter is just around the corner and should be the most joyful time of year. However, if your heater is on the blink, then that joyful time of year might be riddled with a lot of crankier moments like spending your whole day huddled beneath 20 blankets with your husband, kids and antsy cats. Nobody wants to be stuck beneath a blanket with cranky people and especially not with cranky cats. Do not let your holiday season turn into a grouch fest… instead, turn to the heating repair service Anaheim CA loves best and let us restore the magic to your winter.

Serving You Since 1983

For over 30 years, we have worked hard to serve Anaheim Hills and the surrounding areas. Generation after generation, we have continued our dedication for comfort, customer satisfaction and high quality care at low prices. It is this dedication to California families that has helped us to stay going strong for all of these wonderful years.

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We understand that budgeting is all a part of running a successful family. This is why we are continually looking for ways to save you even more on our affordable, low prices. Be sure to check out our website where you will find both special offers and an online application for financing options should you need them.

Dedicated to What Matters Most

Your family’s comfort and safety are the two most important things to you in the world. With families of our own, we understand how vital it is that these two things be protected above all else. Because of this, we will always put our heart into every job that we do for you.

When your heating disappoints you, let us help you smile again. Give Specialty Air Heating and Cooling a call today to schedule an appointment and get back on the fast track to a comfortable home sweet home.