heating installation service irvine CA

There are many ways to heat your home. Conventionally, we use either gas or electricity to power our home heating systems. As a budget-conscious homeowner, we often ask the question of which is cheaper between gas and electricity. These are two very different sources of energy, each with their own pros and cons.

Getting to know a little bit more about gas and electric home heating systems will help you in choosing which one you should use to heat your home.

Gas Heating Systems

Gas heating systems need ventilation to send out emissions from burning gas. Aside from the needed ventilation, these systems require a gas tank. Installing one requires you to get professional help as this type of heater is typically large. Although gas is generally cheaper than electricity, it is quite costly to have a gas heating system installed in your home.

Gas heating systems produce more heat compared to electric heating systems in the same amount of time and so are able to heat households faster. However, partially burnt gas could emit carbon monoxide or nitrogen dioxide, both of which are dangerous to one’s health.

Electric Heating Systems

Electric heating systems work by converting electrical currents into heat. Unlike gas heating systems, there is no need for ventilation for this type of heater. Electric home heating systems can either be portable or wall-mounted. Wall-mounted ones are easier and cheaper to install compared to gas home heating systems.

Since electric home heating systems produce focused heating, it poses a danger of igniting. It is highly recommended to put electric home heating systems away from fire-hazardous materials such as curtains or drapes.

heating installation service irvine CA

Which is best suited for your home?

When choosing a home heating system, it is always best to read up on your options. Choose one that suits your home perfectly. Gas heating systems are more suitable for larger households as they are able to provide heat fast. Electric heating systems, on the other hand, do well in small spaces that need heating at lower temperature settings.

As far as costs are concerned, installing gas heating systems is more expensive than choosing the electric ones. Operating costs, however, are low with gas heating systems since gas is generally cheaper than electricity.

Installing Your Preferred Home Heating System

Never install something as delicate as a heating system on your own. Unless you have a portable electric heating system, it is highly recommended that you call a specialist to help with installations. Aside from having your heating systems installed properly, a specialist would also be able to address your concerns with safety. A quick search on the internet will give you results on specialists who provide heating installation service irvine CA and in other parts of the US. And since they are specialists, you can be assured of their heating installation service irvine CA to be utterly reliable. We here at Specialty Air, Inc, for example, can provide you with a professional heating installation service irvine CA that will keep your home efficiently warm. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-714-641-8049.