Specialty Air, Inc are proud market leaders in the cooling and heating trade in Irvine, CA and have been since 1983. Service is our game and we take that seriously. Our reputation precedes us and our satisfied customers are proof of a job well done.

Why Choose Us

Specialty Air, Inc have been servicing the community for 23 years. We have been satisfying customers in Irvine, CA since 1983. Quality workmanship, superior products ,and astounding service are our signature trademarks and we strive to maintain that in everything that we do.

Our trained staff are well equipped to undertake any job and are more than capable of offering useful advice on new installations as well as providing necessary maintenance. Carefully selected and evaluated, our staff meet the requirements to service our customers with the respect and courteous demeanor that they deserve.

Our work is completed to the highest quality standards, we are prompt, efficient ,and fast. Everything our customers are looking for in a service provider.


We offer professional service and guaranteed workmanship.

We are experienced and skilled in working on any make and model of equipment to the same quality standards throughout. Our services are diverse and varied and cover every area of the heating and cooling systems available today.

  • Installations
  • Repairs
  • Maintenance and tune ups
  • Replacements

Our staff are competent in every area.

We have worked hard and with enthusiasm to become leading providers in heating and air conditioning services Irvine, CA. We continue to strive for excellence and improve and develop as technology does.

Times change, equipment changes, technology changes, and techniques change and we encourage our staff to keep up to speed with new innovations and ways in which we can improve our service and the experience of our customers. We will not however, compromise or change the way in which we treat our customers or waiver on the demand we have for excellence and customer satisfaction.

Call Specialty Air, Inc today and make clean, comfortable air a part of your lifestyle.Specialty Air, Inc  (714)641-8049.