Specialty Air, Inc are proud to be the leading service provider for all your cooling and heating requirements in the Anaheim area. Our years of service in the trade have allowed us to grow in experience and expertise and to improve our impeccable service to our deserving customers. Our service guarantee and undeniable quality of workmanship have allowed us to build a sound reputation which we continue to work on maintaining with each customer we service.

Why Choose Us

Specialty Air, Inc have been in the business for 23  years. Doing what we do best. Providing the Anaheim community with heating and cooling solutions that have put us at the top of the provider listings. For the best heating and air conditioning service Anaheim CA, you need look no further.

We offer the services of our trained, qualified, and carefully selected technicians to ensure that your experience with our company is one that you will never forget, and for all the right reasons. We hold our customers in the highest regard and endeavor to treat them with the utmost respect and honesty at all times.

The pride we have for the work we do is truly reflected in the way we service our customers. Customer satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and you will never be left wanting. Our job is complete when our customer is satisfied and no sooner.

We are efficient at our work, punctual and work with a speed that will have your heating or cooling system back in tip top shape without causing you, the customer, unnecessary discomfort.


Peace of mind is something that we strive to offer our customers. Professionalism, honesty, and integrity are all distinct traits we portray in our daily attempts to service our customers to the highest standards.

The decision to install a heating or cooling system in your home is not one that should be taken lightly. These systems are often seen as investments in your home and lifestyle and come with a hefty price tag. For this reason it is always best to seek the best possible advise and technical information available before settling on a specific system. We offer this service, we will gladly evaluate your home and your needs and supply you with a quotation for a suitable system that will work for you.

We are leaders in the market in heating and air conditioning services Anaheim, CA. We are skilled and experienced in completing installations, undertaking repairs ,and maintenance as well as replacing old, outdated units with units that are more current and functional.

We are able to work on any make and model of equipment and ensure that the result will be the best possible outcome and that you will be happy and content with the service and workmanship.

The temperature in our homes and the ability to control it is what allows us to experience the degree of comfort which we associate with our home. If this system is not functioning to it’s full potential it can become frustrating and a daily irritation.

Our customers are given recommendations on how best to maintain their systems and the frequency with which it should be done in order to keep the system at a level which is expected. Like any working piece of equipment, wear and tear is something that does happen and regular maintenance of the equipment will prevent small problems from becoming large, expensive ones. We offer maintenance on heating and cooling units as well as the associated ducting and in the case of heating systems, the heat source installed with the system. Allow us to keep the problem small and prevent you unnecessary costs in the long run.

Call Specialty Air, Inc today and make clean, comfortable air a part of your lifestyle. Specialty Air, Inc  (714)641-8049