If you need air conditioner installation services, Specialty Air Inc. is the right business partner to come to for your cooling and heating needs. We have been in the business since 1983, which means we have a total of 33 years’ experience installing air conditioning units in people’s homes. Needless to say, Specialty Air Inc. is the best air conditioner installation Santa Ana CA Company in the area.

Why install a new AC?

A new air conditioner is an investment to any homeowner. However, it’s an investment worth spending money on due to a number of advantages. For one, a new AC unit will cool your home better and faster as compared to a unit several years older. Also, newer units have better energy ratings. This means that they consume less energy to cool your home, thus effectively saving you money every month. Besides, a new AC unit helps to drive the value of your home up as well.

The installation process

At Specialty Air Inc., installation is not just about mounting the unit on a wall. We begin by helping you choose the right air conditioner if you already haven’t purchased one. We do this by calculating how much hot air you need to cool in your home. This allows us to help you choose the right unit size to buy. The make and model are up to you.

After purchase, we identify the right installation points and install your indoor unit, your outdoor unit and the ducting. We then load the unit with gas and refrigerant before testing and configuring your new AC.

Our promise

Specialty Air Inc. has managed to outdo other businesses in Santa Ana for more than 30 years due to a number of reasons. We are professional, we deliver what we promise, and we always clean up after an installation service. Just check out the testimonials on the site to see what our customers have to say.

Need to install a new air conditioner? No problem at all. Call us on (714) 641-8049 now and enjoy the same great service.