Specialty Air, Inc is the name on everybody’s lips when speaking of cooling and heating service providers in Tustin, CA. A reputation built on 23 years of experience in the trade and providing the community with a service experience that will stand the test of time.

Why Choose Us

Specialty Air, Inc have been a household name in the community , since 1983.

Quality, professional, punctual, affordable, friendly, and competent are all words synonymous with Content Specialty Air, Inc. We strive to be the best, provide the best and offer our customers the best experience.

We are what the community of Tustin, CA yearns for. A heating and cooling specialist that exceeds expectations.


We offer professional, punctual, quality service, and workmanship that is worthy of our customers.

We are experienced, trained, and qualified to complete any work within the heating and cooling industry and strive to keep up with changing markets and trends in a bid to maintain the quality service we have been offering the community of Tustin, CA for so many years.

We are competent in performing installations from start to completion, planning, organizing ,and scheduling and ultimately the installation, testing, and commissioning of the unit to happy and satisfied customers. We undertake repairs and maintenance on a varied selection of makes and models of units as well as the associated heating sources and ducting. We have the skills and knowledge to replace existing units when the need arises.

We have  put effort and hard work into transforming our company from just another heating and cooling company into a household name in heating and air conditioning services Tustin, CA. We will not stop in our quest to create a better experience and continued service excellence to the community and our customers.

Our customers have supported us and encouraged us to be better, perform better, and provide better service and we are grateful to them for that, we will strive to be the best as gratitude to our customers and ensure that they never have a reason to doubt us.

Call Specialty Air, Inc today and experience honesty and integrity and service that will make you smile. Specialty Air, Inc  (714)641-8049.