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As a homeowner, you can keep your HVAC system investment in top shape through its lifespan by following this Do-It-Yourself maintenance guide. Save you and your family from needless expenses from emergency repairs. We’ve seen all kinds of easily avoided repairs and want to help you avoid these issues. You can trust Specialty Air to help when you need maintenance or a more complex repair, but get involved in your maintenance plan to make your heating and cooling investment provide the best comfort possible.

Change Air Filters Regularly

If you aren’t changing your air filters, you’re shaving years off the life of your furnace or air conditioner. It’s also more likely for your system to break down from a clog or a dirty heat exchanger. Clogged air filters are a common place for heating and AC problems to begin. The good news is changing air filters is easy and inexpensive. Check the recommended filter schedule on your unit, most people should change their filters every three months. If you or someone in your family suffers from allergies, consider changing filters each month. We recommend keeping a stash of filters nearby the furnace or AC unit so you can change them as needed without having to remember to pick up the right size each time at the hardware store.

Get an annual maintenance appointment

Yes, it means paying some costs out of pocket before a repair, but getting a technician saves you money in two important ways. First, by getting dirt and contaminants out of the moving parts in your HVAC system, you’ll spend less each month on utilities. Secondly, your technician will inspect the whole unit and tune up parts inside helping you avoid expensive breakdowns or early replacement. It’s much easier and costs less money if we replace a small worn part instead of having to replace a large area where more damage over time has worn it apart.

heating and air conditioning service in Irvine CA

Keep the area near your furnace clean

If your furnace is in the garage or attic, do a clean sweep and vacuum with a detail attachment to get any dust near it from travelling into the system. The optimal time to do this is before your maintenance appointment so you don’t accidentally track loose dust into the system right after getting it cleaned.

Move yard debris and plants away from the AC

Outdoors, make sure all foliage and trees are at least three feet away from your AC. Keeping this area clear will help make sure you avoid branches or small parts of plants from creating a blockage. If you decide to check inside to clean it, remember to turn off the power first, you can do a hose down spray and help restore some efficiency yourself but a professional cleaning will be more through.

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