Show Them Spring Romance


Spring is here and that means a warmer day to day life in California. Help make the season a relaxing time for spontaneity, great conversations, and fun at home with your husband or wife. Specialty Air, Inc. is focused on providing the best air conditioning service in Santa Ana, CA. See how these simple ideas can bring serenity and happiness into your home, and we’ll help you on the air conditioning side of things if you need it.

  1. Make the kitchen a stress-free zone. Walking into a messy room full of bills and junk mail on the counter and dirty dishes on the counter is a dull reality many of us experience day to day. Reclaiming your kitchen means things don’t have to be this way. Your spouse will feel more relaxed and ready to cook together when you clear out the excess in this room. Do a clean sweep of the knicknacks and loose mail in the room. Anything not related to cooking and eating must go. Next, put any appliances on the counter that aren’t used at least once a week. Having more open space is more functional for cooking but it also is calming.
  2. Make little reminders of your love. It’s easy to get busy and forget to tell the people you love what makes them special. They are the reason we work so hard, yet we won’t know it if we don’t hear it! Find a moment to write some of the reasons you love your spouse on some post-its and place them around the house. The bathroom mirror and the bedside table are great spots to show a little romance.specialityair2
  3. Plan a date night at home. It’s easy to go out to dinner, but spending time cooking a special new recipe, watching a movie, or playing games together is a fun way to connect. We fill our calendars with appointments, work obligations, and errands. Remember to show the person you love their importance by scheduling some quality time together. You’ll continue to learn and grow as a couple by valuing your time together and making it count.
  4. Keep your spouse comfortable 24/7 at home. Keep up on air conditioning maintenance with help from Specialty Air, Inc. We know this doesn’t sound romantic at all, but you can’t really be comfortable together at home if your AC isn’t working. Keeping up on maintenance is easy. Change your filters monthly and get a seasonal maintenance appointment with us. Clean your outdoor compressor and everything is set for everyday cool temperatures.
  5. Ask your spouse for ideas. See if there’s something your spouse has always wanted to try, whether it’s a new cuisine or rock climbing, asking about interests and having an open mind is a great way to have fun this spring and any time.

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