Our 1960s home needed new duct work and a new heater. Upon further inspection, we found out that there was also asbestos that needed removing. Furthermore, we also needed heating for the upstairs addition. After obtaining quotes from several companies, we decided to call Specialty for one final quote. Jay took his time in taking notes, assessing all the little details that the other companies just ignored or didn’t think to include. We were confident in his experience. They also recommended an asbestos removal company. From the beginning all the way through the completion, Jay and his staff were professional, courteous, and very attentive. Occasionally when home improvements are done, unforeseen complications arise, and his staff dealt with them thoroughly and willingly, even though it took an extra trip. Sometimes you don’t really know how good or bad a company is until the job is done, but we are so glad we chose this company, who has exceeded our expectations. No complaints whatsoever. With any future heating and cooling concerns, we know we can call Specialty.

Melody C.

The pilot light in my heater kept going out. Since it has been cold I called in the specialists. It was easy to make the appointment for a convenient time and, for the first time ever in the history of repair men, the service tech was on time!!! The tech looked at my furnace and found that there was a sensor that needed cleaning. He cleaned it and put it back together and the furnace has been perfect ever since. I appreciate Tim’s honesty. He has earned a lifetime customer. I would not hesitate to recommend Specialty air to friends and family.

Jonathan L.

Jay and Tim at Specialty Air saved us over the last week during the latest hot spell. After dealing for 3 weeks with Quality Plumbing and Air (see post) to still have my AC not working, I contacted Specialty Air for help on Friday. Even with the hot spell, she was able to schedule me for a Tuesday appt at 3:30. Tim showed up early in a professional manner with a clear explanation of their diagnostic fees and potential problems given my detailed explanation of a new unit and leaking freon. After inspecting the new unit for any installation issues, he headed to the attic to identify a freon leak in our air handler (whistling sound on copper pipes). Showed me the leak with a picture and proceeded to explain our options. At that point, I called my husband so he was also clear on the details of the situation. Tim sent over a job quote the following day and worked with Jay, the owner, to fit me into replacing my air handler that Friday. They were scheduled to arrive between 9-10am but Jay called at 10am to state they were on their way but had to pick up some parts and move around the schedule to make sure our AC was working for another hot spell that weekend. Two service techs arrived at 11am to finish the job in 3 hours in our attic. They were polite and considerate that my attic door is in my walk-in closet. They covered my clothes and all carpeting, no signs they were even there. Tony even showed me that we now needed to fill a hole with Great Stuff outside by the AC unit to keep rodents out. All of the individuals that helped us from Specialty Air were professional, responsive, reasonable, and service-oriented. I even received a personalized thank you note from Jay. We will use them for our future heating and cooling needs. This redeemed our trust in well-run service companies.

Victoria F.

I’m very pleased with their service. They showed up on time–explained what was wrong with our heater and fixed it with in 30 minutes. Tim was very friendly as well as professional. Call them you won’t be sorry.

Catherine J.

Just had Tim come out and do a general service on our furnace. He was right on time, very friendly, and most importantly, did an outstanding job of getting our old furnace dialed in. I would highly recommend this company for all your A/C and heating needs!

Mark G.

Found Specialty on Yelp! and found out how great Specialty is! Phenomenal service and professional team. Had to have our in closet furnace cleaned and cleared of insulation that was blocking air vents in attic. Tim immediately responded to our request and was out on the next available day. He took care of the issue quickly, was reliable and courteous. Affordably priced. I highly recommend Speciality for any Heating or Cooling issue.

T. I.

I’m so happy I called Specialty Air! Tim is very professional, and was extremely clear in explaining what needed to be fixed and why. He got the job done in a timely manner, and with a smile. The pricing is preset based on what parts are needed; it was nice that the cost of the repair just wasn’t randomly made up which is what some technicians seem to do. Fixing an AC is never cheap, but I feel that we were given a very fair price. We received excellent customer service, and the job was done right. Priceless! I definitely recommend Specialty Air.

Sabrina H.

I used this company based on the other yelp reviews and i wasn’t disapointed. The technician was on time, friendly, clean, knowledgeable, and professional. I believe they charged a fair price for the service provided and i was very impressed by their courtesy and appreciation for my business. I’ll definitely use them again.

Renee M.

I check yelp reviews prior to patronizing any service business or restaurant but have never had reason enough to post my own lengthy review of a company until now. Based on a recommendation from a family member, I called Jay / Specialty Air because my AC was not working. Jay was friendly and patient, taking the time to listen to the problem over the phone, and advised me of the cost up front to do a diagnostic as well as the levels of repair prices should the unit need repair, and then said he would be forwarding the information to a service tech that was out in the field to call me back personally for scheduling.

I received a call back within an hour from Dave, and he had obviously received detailed information about my problem from Jay (because I didn’t have to go over it again when he called) and asked me a few more specific questions to help him troubleshoot even deeper. He was in the middle of a job but said he was more than happy to come out to the house later OR he could help me diagnose over the phone if it was an issue that could be solved simply and cheaply (for my benefit). So, over the course of 4 phone calls where Dave was the brains and I was the eyes & hands up in my attic, we (well, Dave) diagnosed the problem and he instructed me step-by-step over the phone on how to open the panel, where things were located on my specific unit (note: he didn’t install the unit), how to determine the exact issue (even down to knowing what the ‘flash codes’ were that were being emitted from the light inside the circuit board to signal a problem), and determined it was the fuse that needed to be replaced.

I’m guessing he spent close to an hour of his time over the course of the calls helping me figure things out. After I popped in a new fuse, he led me through a series of checks that would determine what was causing the fuse to blow. Fortunately, it didn’t blow again after all the checks and the A/C was back up and running successfully for the cost of a new fuse, this guy’s expert advice and the time he took to help a ‘customer’. So, we didn’t get to the next level of troubleshooting at that time but he was ready and willing to continue. There was no need at this point. I was getting cold air blowing in my house again and I had taken up enough of this guy’s time (while he was working on another project nonetheless).

Amazing!!! I learned a lot about my attic, a little about the furnace and surprisingly that there still are good guys out there and old-fashioned companies that know their stuff, believe the customer is #1, and are willing to help (even when you’re not yet a customer). That goes beyond 100% customer satisfaction. Well, I am a customer now and will call them for annual check-ups, when things need to be serviced, and will recommend them to any/all that I can tell in OC.

Darren V.

We have had years of problems with our upstairs air conditioner. We have had many different repair men come and give us many different “opinions” on what the problem was. From minor solutions ( that never worked) to major ie. ripping out walls to repipe ( which we did not opt to do) Went on Yelp to find someone with a good reputation and found these guys…what a great company! They came out the next day and had it fixed within 1 1/2 hours! I waited a couple of months to make sure it was really fixed and we have not had 1 problem since! I am so happy to finally find someone who knows what they are doing and doesn’t want to rip you off in the process! Jay was awesome and I told him I would give him a great review when he left, so here it is Jay! Thanks so much!!!!

Paige Z.

My father’s heating and A/C went out. Dad called a company he said he had used previously. Someone came out to assess the problem and then got on the phone with me and yakked my ear off, using all the right buzzwords, but I don’t think he ever actually told me what was wrong. He gave me three prices to fix whatever the problem was: the highest price, to fix it the right way, and two other lower prices to presumably fix it the not-so-right way. The estimates ranged from $965 – $2,059. My caution radar went up. Even while he was talking to me I was online checking the company out on Yelp. The reviews were not good. So I did some more searching and found Specialty Air, with its great reviews. The owner, Jay, came over, checked things out, and said the thermostat was broken and a new filter was needed. He fixed it right away. The cost? $302. Wow, what a price difference. I love Yelp and I have added Specialty Air to my contacts for future reference.

Carol C.

I found Specialty Air through Yelp and wholeheartedly agree with the previous 2 reviews. Jay turned up on time, was polite and courteous and very respectful of the fact that he was coming into my home. He arrived at the front door with an ID badge, in uniform and when I invited him in, the first thing he did was put shoe covers on so as not to damage my carpet. I think that’s the first time I’ve had that happen – and it’s a very good thing! He diagnosed the problem on the first visit and came back the next day to fix my furnace. I feel like the costs were fairly reasonable but more than anything I’m happy with the high standard of service received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Specialty Air.

Laura Y.

Great service! If you are looking for an honest establishment then Specialty Air is your company. Jay Taylor truly cares about his customers, takes the time to explain things and never “sells” you on anything. I found Jay via Yelp and the reviews were spot on. When I called Jay to set up an appointment he was very flexible and cared most that the appointment time worked for ME. He was on time, professionally dressed, wears booties in your house (a nice considerate touch) and clearly outlines his pricing up front. As another reviewer noted Jay provides old fashion and honest service, a true rarity these days. And you don’t have to spend a premium with Jay to get it. His prices are competitive and the service is top notch. I highly recommend Jay and will certainly use his services again.

Jason A.

Best service provider! Highly recommended!


I received your phone call regarding the refund. I greatly appreciate your integrity and response, you didn’t have to refund both, but thank you very much. I will go out of my way to let people know that, even in this modern day and age. the people at Specialty Air actually care about their customers and are good. honest people. I even signed up for yelp just so I could post that on your behalf. Thank you Again.


Robb R. From Anaheim Hills

What can you say about a company that shows up on time (actually 20 minutes early) and stands by their original bid even though the work took longer due to the age of the house and was more involved (going under and on top of the house)?

The work was done in an expert fashion and they left the place clean.  Had a couple of questions weeks after the work was done and they responsed immediately.  The owner, Jay, defines the word “professional” and in addition to a very competitive price came a friendly and courtesy manner.  In the future, not even going to get other bids, just going to give Jay a call.

S B. from Laguna Beach

Nobody like paying for AC repairs, but at least Specialty made the process easy, and affordable.  The technician (Adam) was on time, polite, and explained everything to me very well.  He was honest, and didn’t try to pressure me into a service contract, or into an entirely new AC system (which the house needs).  Anyway, great company, great tech, highly recommended

Jeff R. from Lake Forest

Saved me! Great work! Great service! I had Tim out because my outside unit wouldn’t power on, it was a tricky fix but he was able to fix it within an few hours. He had the parts on his truck so before the HOT upcoming weekend he fixed it without having to return. In addition to Tim being great, the service setting up the appointment was easy and they were very friendly. I found them just by going to yelp so I hope you give them a try too.

Jill C. from Laguna Niguel

This was our first time using Specialty Air, and I couldn’t be more pleased!!! Our repairman Will was professional and pleasant, wore booties in the house, and explained everything simply and thoroughly. Great service, competitive prices, and no mess left behind. What else could you ask for? I highly recommend them!

Natasha K. from Fullerton

We had our ac installed in the summer and just the other day had Specialty come out and repair an issue with our heat. We couldn’ t be happier with the service as they were consistently on time and used those over the shoes footties every time they entered our home. Attention to every detail was greatly appreciated.
Also, careful attention with our indoor cats, making sure all doors were closed at all times.
You guys are great and will call you whenever we need any repairs on our ac or heating done.

Stephanie D. from Seal Beach

This review is long overdue.  I want to thank Tim for the wonderful work that he performed to ensure that my wife and I had our furnace working again.  We recently purchased a home, and the furnace was not working unfortunately.  I checked many reviews on Yelp and finally decided to call Specialty Air Heating and Cooling.  When Tim arrived, he was very friendly, polite, and listened carefully to the issues that we noticed with the furnace.

He was able to identify the issue with our furnace fairly quickly and fixed the problem as soon as he obtained the parts.  There was a minor issue when one of his coworkers installed a part, but Tim took the time to resolve the issue at no additional cost to us.  He apologized for his coworker’s mistake and took the time to explain what the mistake was and how he was going to resolve it immediately.  In the end, I was very pleased with Tim’s service, and I will certainly call Specialty Air if I have any issues in the future.  Definitely ask for Tim!  He is awesome!

Meaganezer G. from Orange

We had a great experience with Specialty Air!! Originally called for service to see why we were not getting any cold air from our vents. And having a new 3 week old baby needed someone out quickly… Cory came out, and he was even earlier than he said he would be. He fixed the problem, we had cool air and all was great. Two days later we had the same issue with no cool air. I called them again and Cory came back out that same day(again earlier than they originally quoted me) He said we were then going to need a whole new AC unit, that the unit had died… Mind u the original unit was 25+ years old. :/ After the initial reaction to hearing that news, he told me they would credit the work done from the previous call to the new unit. (Hey at this point any little bit was going to help!!) I was pleased to hear that of course. 3 days later two guys came out (sorry don’t remember their names) to replace the unit, furnace, and ducting for our new AC unit. They were both also very nice and took care to make sure they kept things clean both during and after they were done with the install.
Jay the owner even came out to the house to see not only how things were going, but to check the work his guys were doing. I could tell he wanted to make sure I was going to be completely satisfied with everything. Needless to say I was. Everyone I dealt with including the woman who answered the phone when I called the second time was professional, and they all took my time into consideration! Keep doing what u guys are doing! We will definitely recommend Specialty Air to anyone who asks! 🙂

Jessica H. from Stanton

We are getting ready to do a huge kitchen remodel, and wanted to move our furnace from the kitchen to the attic, but didn’t know if it was possible.  Jay met with us, walked us through every option, and promptly gave us a very competitive bid on the project (we got bids from other HVAC guys too.)  He didn’t hem and haw and “have to get back to us” on the pricing. He’s done this long enough to be able to know, from the start, what something will cost.  That was much appreciated.   Even better,  he was able to start the next day.   We booked his services and couldn’t be happier with the results.

His team is professional, courteous, and Jay made absolutely 100% sure that we were satisfied before he accepted payment. This is a top notch company that explains in detail what they’re going to do, follows through with what they say (and then some!) and is honest and responsive through the process.

Highly recommend!

Alefia M. from Irvine

Called around and all other company’s gave the run around or was a week out for a tech. to come see the problem. Called Specialty Air and was booked for the next day. Cory came out on time with the appointment ,  was very professional fix the problem in a timely manner. Service charge is a little high but still not bad for the service. This summer is going to be a hot one and because of Cory and Specialty Air we are set and ready to go!!! Thank you,

Kirstin C. from Orange

Great, fast service by Brian at Specialty Air! Our A/C stopped working overnight, and I was able to call, and book a repairman at Specialty Air first thing in the morning. He was on time, honest, and very professional. Thanks for fixing our A/C!!!

Cynthia T. from Cypress

I used this company based on its yelp reviews. The technicians were very friendly and easy to communicate with. We had a very old furnace system that needed to be replaced. We called specialty air explaining what our needs are. We needed a new furnace and coil replacement. The technician came out for a estimate, and emailed us that same day with what the cost would be. The day of instillation they showed up 1/2 hour early and got to work. Thanks to Robert Hartsfield & Jay Taylor for helping us out. The staff is very professional and friendly.

Marcia G.from Irvine

Brian showed up on time – analyzed the problem quickly and completed the repair – at a very reasonable cost. Our A-C unit has also been serviced by Corey – same great service.

I will never use a different company for our A-C needs. These guys are professional and honest.

Davd L. from Fountain Valley

Called service again last weekend. Set up appointment at 3:30pm today. Brian showed up right on time and replaced the bad part in 45 minutes. Problem solved!!! Your guys are great! Very reasonable price too….

Albert T. from Newport Beach

We had an issue with the heater and Carla was able to have Juan come out the next day and fixed the problem.  There was a question regarding invoicing;  the owner Jay personally called me about it and took care of it.  Such a professional company and great staffs.  Thank you!

Jenny N. from Costa Mesa

“They really did their best to accommodate my urgent needs and were nice the whole time.”

Bella N. From Irvine

“We wish we could award more than 5 stars…. We thought we could not be happier with the service, top to bottom. Then, within minutes of Adam leaving our house, we received a phone call from J.T. at Specialty Air (who I believe is the owner) to ensure we had a quality experience. We enthusiastically informed J.T. that the service exceeded our highest expectations.”

R.K. from Tustin

“I will be calling Specialty Air for any future heating and air conditioning needs and Tim deserves an A+ in my book!”

Elisa B. From Pacific Palisades