Make Spring a Healthy Time for Your Family


Spring is a time to enjoy the weather and spend time with your family. Specialty Air, Inc. has built its reputation on providing affordable and reliable heating and cooling service in Tustin, CA. Try our easy tips for family fun and health to get a great start to your spring.

  1. Do some gardening together. Get your children involved in nature. Teach them about planting and our environment by choosing some plants to grow at home. You could build a glass terrarium to keep indoors or find some interesting succulents to plant in the yard. Take them to a garden supply shop to find plants. Moments like these are a great way to encourage your child’s curiosity about the world around them. Allow them to ask lots of questions about the plants and their care.
  2. Make a fun movie night at home. Pick out a movie to watch as a family. Make popcorn and have iced beverages ready for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Visit a local landmark. How often do we recommend a cool park to friends visiting the area but never go ourselves? Brainstorm places you love to share with visitors and plan your own family outing there. If you can’t think of any, it’s time to start looking at Tustin and the surrounding area with an eye for adventure. Find a park, beach, or attraction and plan a short road trip or day visit. The family will enjoy making new memories at old favorite spots as well as seeing new places.specialityair4
  4. Teach kids the value of giving. Do some spring cleaning with the kids. Set an example by going through your closet for items you no longer use to donate to charity. Have the kids pick toys and clothes they’ve outgrown to share. Spend some time appreciating the memories of these items and celebrate the added space in your home.
  5. Keep everyone comfortably cool. Since the hot days outside can mean overheated kids and increased allergy symptoms, make sure you take care of your air conditioner. Change your air filters each month to keep indoor air filtered from dust and pollens. Schedule a seasonal maintenance appointment to be ready for the season. Your energy bills will be lower from the increased efficiency of your technician’s work. Clearing out trapped dirt, testing functions, and lubricating moving parts are all part of this extensive one hour appointment. Your family will be happy and relaxed having reliable AC each and every day of the season.
  6. Involve the kids in dinner prep. Find kid-friendly recipes to help your kids learn how to cook together. You’ll try a new meal and teach your kid some new skills. Learning to appreciate good food and the people that make it will build your child’s character and hopefully produce some enjoyable meals as a result.

Specialty Air, Inc. wishes you and your family the best for spring. If you need heating and cooling service in Tustin, CA, call 714-641-8049 to schedule your appointment.