Specialty Air, Inc. We are the specialists in heating installation services Irvine, CA. Heating is our game and there is nobody better to keep your home warm and inviting. Our 23 years servicing the community of Irvine, CA have allowed us to grow from strength to strength and become the name you can count on.

Why Choose Us

Specialty Air, Inc have been servicing the Irvine, CA area for since 1983.

We all know that every company proclaims to be the best, offer the best service and products and provide the best workmanship, but in our case these are not just proclamations but are in fact the truth. Testimony from our satisfied customers and our jam packed booking schedule are all the proof we need.

Our  service is based on simple but sturdy principles which we, as a team, endeavor to fulfill.

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Professional

It’s that simple.

Quality service, products, and workmanship at an affordable price, undertaken by professional staff.

No frills, just great service.

Heating Services

We know the importance of a functional heating system and what it entails. We offer the best heating installation service Irvine, CA. We stick to the basics and provide exactly what is required for your situation at a price that won’t require you to sell your home to pay for it.

Our expertise in heating systems doesn’t end at installing your unit, we are able to maintain your system to ensure that you get the best use from your system, for the longest possible period. Money definitely well spent.

Should the need for repairs arise, you don’t have to search for a competent repair center, we provide a team of expert technicians who are able to carry out minor and major repairs and they aren’t afraid to be honest with you.  If your money is better off being spent on a replacement, they’ll tell you.

This professional, straight forward, no frills approach is what has earned us the respect and trust of our rapidly growing customer base.

Call Specialty Air, Inc today for a no frills and honest approach to your heating needs. Specialty Air, Inc  (714)641-8049.