heating and air conditioning service in Tustin, CA

Keeping your HVAC system running all year long is essential in our California weather. Here in Tustin, our average low temperature is 54.4 degrees and our high is 75.5 degrees (US Climate Data). While we are lucky not to suffer extreme winters, it’s comforting to be able to reach for that thermostat when the home feels too cool or hot. This short and easy to follow guide will help you keep your home HVAC unit reliable and ready all year long.

 Keep a Filter Schedule

Change your filters regularly to keep air flowing efficiently through your HVAC system. Dirt that gets past the air filters is the number one cause of early breakdowns. As your filter does its job, its surface area gets covered with a layer of dust and other contaminants it has kept from entering the mechanical parts of the machine. When homeowners wait too long to change filters, some dust and dirt escapes past the filter full of contaminants and it gets into the mechanical parts of the HVAC system.

The results are not pretty. Dirt getting into the system can cause a pressure drop, which leads to less air blowing out of vents around the home. It also means very little of the air circulating the home is actually filtered, so dirt and allergens circulate the air and can really increase symptoms for allergy sufferers in the house. It also means all the mechanical parts in the furnace have to work harder to keep the house warm or cool, making electrical bills higher and putting extra stress on the system. This extra stress is what causes needs for repairs or even early replacement of your HVAC, so don’t let this happen.

Instead, keep track of filter changes by adding a reminder on your smartphone calendar or writing it visibly on a paper calendar. You should change filters every one to three months depending on your HVAC model recommendations. Other factors to consider is if you suffer from allergies, have pets in the home, smoke, or live in a dusty area. Change your filter closer to each month if any of these considerations apply to you. We recommend buying a couple spare filters to keep near your HVAC system, making the job easier for you and providing an “in sight” reminder.

heating and air conditioning service in Tustin, CA

Get Annual Maintenance

Earlier we talked about how as your HVAC filter does its job it fills with dirt and dust, and after it’s full, some contaminants will slip by it into the mechanical parts of your HVAC. Some of this slippage is unavoidable, even with prompt filter changes, and that’s one reason it’s important to have a yearly maintenance appointment.

At this maintenance session, one of our technicians will service your HVAC system, starting with a full clean out of any dusts that have escaped filters and gotten into your ducts and the system. This important step increases the air quality in your home and also makes sure your system is working smoothly without stresses. We also check air pressures, do a thermostat reading, look over ductwork, and lubricate all mechanical parts inside the HVAC system. This annual checkup helps ensure any small problems are caught before they become full-scale emergencies and add up to larger costs.

Making sure you change your filters regularly and get a yearly maintenance cleaning of your HVAC system will keep it reliable for your day to day needs and also help extend its lifetime. Call us at 714-641-8049 to schedule your heating and air conditioning service in Tustin, CA today.