residential heating conditioning service Irvine, CA

Just as servicing your car is important, having your furnace inspected, tuned up and cleaned by a residential heating conditioning service Irvine, CA provider is also important. In most cases, this is done during the annual maintenance service by your preferred heating and cooling installation, maintenance and repair service provider in Irvine. If left unchecked for some time, the various parts of this system will accumulate dirt and debris, which may clog the filter or the ductwork. If this happens, air flow from your furnace to your living space will be reduced drastically. While regular cleaning of your heating and cooling system may not seem important, failing to have the system cleaned by the professionals can lead to many problems, including reduced performance and efficiency.

At Specialty Air, Inc., we have been offering quality HVAC installation, repair and maintenance services since 1983. Additionally, we are bonded and licensed. Such aspects make us some of the best professionals you can approach whenever you need to have your heating and cooling system cleaned by the professionals. Cleaning the furnace requires more than just dusting the unit, here are some of the cleaning tasks a professional HVAC maintenance professional should carry out on your furnace.

Changing/Cleaning the Air Filter

If your furnace has a permanent filter, it should be cleaned during routine maintenance services. Our experts advise cleaning electronic HVAC air cleaners at least once in every two months. Again, it is advisable to cut power supply to the unit whenever inspecting and cleaning the blower motor. For other filter types, it is advisable to have them replaced by skilled personnel, preferably by scheduling a routine maintenance service with the leading contractors in the region. With our annual maintenance service, we will clean the filter or replace it correctly. Additionally, we will also inspect and replace any broken or damaged furnace belt, and lubricate the fan monitor. Replacement of furnace parts should be done using the right parts, hence should be left to the professionals.

residential heating conditioning service Irvine, CA

Dusting the Fan Blower

While maintaining your furnace through our residential heating conditioning service Irvine, CA area, our technicians will also examine and clean the fan blower appropriately. By thoroughly cleaning this part, we ensure that the housing or frame of the fan blower is free of dust and debris for the best performance. Once through, our technicians will also clean the other HVAC systems that need to be cleaned, including vents, and chimneys. Once we have cleaned the various parts of your heating and cooling system, we will also clean and tidy the place where your furnace is installed. This way, the system will not pick up more dirt and debris as soon as we are gone.

Cleaning the Dehumidifier

To further enhance the efficiency of your furnace, you need to have your dehumidifier cleaned and calibrated appropriately. The wick or pad on your dehumidifier should also be replaced at least once every year.

Since we have been doing this for many years, we know the various furnace parts that need to be cleaned and how to go about it. Give us a call today on (714) 975-0573 for professional residential heating conditioning service Irvine, CA area.