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Here in California it can be tough to sort through the long, long list of service providers who can do whatever sort of HVAC service you possibly need at the moment. In such a populous area as this that list can be very big and intimidating!

Besides that, it’s not likely that we all know what to look for in a technician other than the reviews and their availability. Maybe we ask our friends for some input on who they’ve used, but more than likely that’s one it stops.

Reading this article is a tremendous leap forward though as you’re willing to do more than just pick the first name that you see on the list. When you’re looking for a regular heating and air conditioning service in Anaheim, CA, you need to be aware of a few important factors that we’re about to go over right now.

See If They Have Emergency Assistance

This is very important as hardly anyone can plan for an emergency and you’d be surprised how few companies have this option when you really need it. It’s always going to be a huge inconvenience and seem like a tremendous difficulty when it happens.

Thankfully, here at Specialty Air Inc, we are on call 24/7 whenever that warm or cool air suddenly shuts off in the middle of the night.

Not only that, but there’s several things that can go wrong with a unit, especially if it’s old and has been struggling already. The most extreme case being that it can start creating deadly carbon monoxide and make your home inhospitable, but thankfully this is not the usual case.

We hope you won’t need this service very often, but it’s great to have this and a few others as well…..

Make Sure They Provide These Services

The services that nearly every provider should provide besides emergency assistance include regular maintenance, yearly tune-ups and inspections, and of course repairs to your furnace and air conditioning unit.

Every year your system needs a series of tests and checks run to insure that it will provide plenty of cool air in the summertime and enough heat to make it through a cold winter day. In order to do this, regular cleaning and sometimes a part replacement or two will be needed.

And Of Course, Make Sure They’re Qualified

Finally, you will want to see if they have good reviews that demonstrate their high quality and professionalism as well as make sure they have the necessary state licenses and certifications.

Here at Specialty Air Inc, we’ve accumulated nearly 300 reviews for an average of 5 star quality service! We’ve been able to maintain such a high rating because we know how hard it is to find service that’s reliable and affordable, while also being of high quality too.

If you’re ready to experience what so many others have when they’ve requested our heating and air conditioning service in Anaheim, CA, then please give us a call at (714) 641 – 8049.