Specialty Air, Inc, are the number one providers of  heating installation services Anaheim, CA. We are specialists in the field with 23 years experience servicing the community and providing customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Us

Specialty Air, Inc are the only suitable company to trust with your heating requirements.

Our qualities far exceed expectations and have allowed us to perform at levels that go above and beyond requirements. Our staff are trained, qualified, experienced, and competent on every level. They approach every job with the professionalism required by a reputable company and offer workmanship that is of the highest quality. We pride ourselves on punctuality and keeping to set appointments and we realize how precious our customers time is. Our prices are more than reasonable and we are able to provide you with the service you require within a reasonable budget.

We understand how fierce the competition in the market is and we give our customers every reason to return to us.


Heating in the home is something that we all take for granted. We become so used to coming home to the warmth and coziness that we often forget the value of maintaining these systems until we need it and the unit can’t provide.

Our heating installation specialists will be able to offer you sound advice on which unit and system would best suit your home and your requirements and of course your budget. Our installations are completed with speed and efficiency and with as little hassle to you, the customer, as possible.

Maintenance is a breeze if you subscribe to one of our maintenance packages, we will call you when a maintenance is due on your equipment and you will always be assured that your home will be warm for your family. We will maintain everything, your heating unit, the associated ducting, and the heat source which powers your heating system. Our technicians are trained and qualified to deal with any heat source whether you have a boiler, furnace or heater.

Repairs are carried out by our competent repair team and every effort will be made to restore your equipment back to a functioning unit, unless of course our expert experience leads us to believe that the money is better worth spent replacing the damaged item.

Our staff will always be upfront and honest with you and you won’t have to worry about spending money needlessly.

Call Specialty Air, Inc today and add some warmth to your life. Specialty Air, Inc  (714)641-8049.