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When you’re outdoors, there are a lot of systems going on all around you that keep the air fresh. You probably don’t even notice or realize that they are happening. But there’s a reason why we have so many expressions about fresh air. It doesn’t just feel good to be outdoors, it is actually good for you. But it’s not just because you’re outdoors, it’s because of the natural cycles that are purifying the air and keeping it clean and healthy for you to breath.

Plants are continually purifying the air as they respirate. They don’t just breakdown CO2 and exhale Oxygen like you learn in grade school, they also filter out hundreds of other chemicals and toxins. Each plant filters air differently and when they are all combined, they create a rich eco filter that not only purifies air, but renews soil and water as well.

The natural movement of weather systems causes the air to ionize, or build up small electrical charges. This may seem unimportant, but it actually causes microscopic particles to bind with water molecules that form in clouds. These particles are then rained back down to Earth in storms and are filtered out of the air. That’s why there isn’t dust always floating around outdoors like there is in your basement.

The sun doesn’t just play a critical role for plants and weather patterns, it also purifies outdoor air just by shining. The UV rays emitted by the sun kill microscopic bacteria and neutralize odors, toxins and chemicals in the air. UV rays aren’t just harmful to our skin. They are also harmful to all the microscopic bugs and bacteria that can make you sick. It really can be good for you to get some fresh air if you’re ill. Sitting in a room full of stale sick air can actually make you sicker.

So how do you get all the benefits of fresh air in your own home?

Well, you call Specialty Air. We are the premier heating and cooling service in Tustin, CA. We can install systems in your home to help purify and refresh your air, just like the outdoors.

Air filtration systems can simulate the plants and the storms and purge your air of dust and airborne particles that make you sick. This doesn’t just keep you from feeling bad, it actually makes you feel great day to day. You’ll notice the difference in how you sleep, how you wake up, and how you go about your day at home.

We also install UV light systems which simulate the air purifying quality of the sun. This will neutralize all those harmful bacteria that are small enough to squeeze through even the best of filters. Nothing can escape the light of day, even if it’s inside your ducts. Installing UV lights brings an outdoor freshness to your air at home that you just can’t get any other way.

So do your family a favor this spring and clean up your act a little. Call Specialty Air, the number one heating and cooling service in Tustin, CA. Ask us about indoor air quality improvement and what we can do to help you out. We’ve been in the business for years and helped thousands of families improve their lives. You deserve to be your best this summer, and we want to help make that happen. Our phone number is (714) 641-8049.