Air Conditioning 101: How Air Conditioning Works?

There are several ways of regulating the temperature of an indoor environment, and in modern air conditioning systems, refrigeration is one of the most widespread methods. Although AC systems vary greatly in size and type, the basic cooling principle used is the same. In addition to their cooling function, air conditioners also extract humidity from […]

Air Conditioner Maintenance; Why You Should Keep Your AC Clean?

The comparatively warm temperature you are experiencing this spring can make you forget about the essence of the heating and cooling system in your home.  While you may not need this system for a couple of days this spring, the temperature in your home is going to become unbearable in a few weeks. When this […]

5 Essential Factors To Consider When Buying A Heat Pump

Heat pumps are an essential device that ensures your indoor comfort. These devices provide you a number of benefits such as sustainable performance and energy-efficiency. The variety of heat pumps available in the market makes it difficult to choose the right one that will meet your specific requirements and budget. For installation, hire a heating […]

Check These Spots Before You Call For Furnace Repair

Specialty Air Heating and Cooling provides heating repair service in Irvine, CA when a simple fix doesn’t work. In the age of the Do-It-Yourself channel and YouTube tutorials, many savvy homeowners are checking for small fixes first before paying for repairs from heating and cooling technicians. While a more complex issue is best left to […]