Make Spring a Healthy Time for Your Family

Make Spring a Healthy Time for Your Family Spring is a time to enjoy the weather and spend time with your family. Specialty Air, Inc. has built its reputation on providing affordable and reliable heating and cooling service in Tustin, CA. Try our easy tips for family fun and health to get a great start […]

Show Them Spring Romance

Show Them Spring Romance Spring is here and that means a warmer day to day life in California. Help make the season a relaxing time for spontaneity, great conversations, and fun at home with your husband or wife. Specialty Air, Inc. is focused on providing the best air conditioning service in Santa Ana, CA. See […]

How to Keep Your Home Cool in Santa Ana This Summer?

The cool days of winter are soon to be over. Summer is fast approaching and as it does you will find yourself in the dire need of air conditioning throughout your home sooner rather than later. This means that if you do not already have an air conditioning system in place, you need to think […]

Why You Should Take Care Of Your AC Unit In The Spring?

Spring in California area means two things, longer days and storms. At Specialty Air Inc. we’re pretty happy about the first part, but the storms not so much. Storm season can really mess with your air conditioner. Now is the time for spring cleaning and it’s important you don’t forget about your air system. We’re […]